Importance of a Good Preschool in your Child’s Life

Foundation for Learning

A young child is learning immensely from the ages of one to three. Their experiences with parents and people around them are shaping who they are as people. Covenant Schools focuses on structuring interactions with teachers and other children to help your child grow. If you’re searching for preschool in Albuquerque or Rio Rancho, Covenant Schools is an opportunity to provide your child with the best foundation for learning.

Covenant Schools provides high-quality care and understanding for every child. At Covenant Schools we believe in the value of placing children in the best preschool atmosphere to help children learn and grow.

We believe in the importance of high quality preschools because of the following aspects:

Social and Emotional Success

Children are still coming to terms with who they are. They are learning to develop a sense of self-worth and self-esteem. They are also learning how to take care of themselves and how to treat others around them. Covenant Schools fosters an environment where your child can learn to express him or herself. We want every child to be engaged and active in playing, sharing and respecting the space around them.

Parent/Teacher Teamwork

Children develop when there is structure. In a good preschool, the love and attention at home is given in the classroom. Teachers also value parents to help them learn about their students. Parents are provided with daily reports on their child’s activities and growth. Regular meetings are set to help parents understand how their child is learning and adapting to the changes around him or her. At Covenant Schools our goal is to work together with our parents and understand concerns or goals each child.

Language Rich Environment

A young child’s language skills are strengthened in a language centric environment. We focus on words, sentences, vocabulary to help your child’s speaking skills. Teachers at Covenant Schools engage in conversations and foster imagination among the classroom. Introducing new vocabulary, show and tell activities and asking questions are all ways our teachers help your child strengthen their language skills. A good preschool will be highly language focused and include reading, music and drama activities.

Covenant Schools provides one of the highest quality preschool education programs in New Mexico. The next time you search preschool in Rio Rancho or Albuquerque considers Covenant Schools. We focus on the foundation of learning and having fun in a safe environment.

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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Day Care in Rio Rancho & Albuquerque

The most important aspect of a parent life is the well being and care of their child. That makes choosing the best day care available a very important decision. If you’re researching day care in Rio Rancho or Albuquerque, you’re probably starting your search early and doing your homework. That’s just the beginning! Once you find a few options near you, we’ve outlined 5 tips for you to consider before you commit to the day care center.

Look for:

  1. A Good Reputation

A good reputation says a lot about credibility and past parent and child experience. A good day care center should have a friendly and warm atmosphere and be known for its nurturing environment. Cleanliness is also something to look out for. Feel free to ask the childcare facility for names and numbers of current clients and call for references. References can also be found online, so do your own research.

  1. Constant supervision and teacher-to-child ratio

Your child should be looked after at all times, even when he or she’s sleeping. Be sure to ask what the ratio of child to caregiver is at that center. Ideally, a 1 to 3 child ratio is suited to ensure that your child is getting the proper attention he or she needs and the highest level of care.

  1. A Safe and Healthy Environment

A reputable day care will share its policies on health and safety. Look for policies on immunizations, hand washing and dealing with sick children. There should be a plan in place for injured children and each caretaker should be certified in CPR and first aid.

  1. Focus on Learning and Development

Brain development is crucial in a baby’s earliest years. You want to place your baby in a childcare facility that will help your child develop emotional, learning and language skills at an early age. Look for a well-established program that includes a variety of learning toys and activities. Reading is an important aspect to consider. Seeking a program that offers daily reading is important. An exceptional centers staff will have teachers with a background in education and or child development training.

  1. Similar Communication Goals

Have a conversation with the day care owner about expectations on dropping into classes and parent teacher conferences. Understanding the day care’s values upfront will help you decide if they are aligned to your family’s goals for your child.

Planning ahead is important to finding the best childcare. The philosophy of Covenant Schools shapes our leadership and teachers. If you’re searching for day care in Albuquerque or Rio Rancho Covenant Schools is an excellent option to consider.